Our Coffee Chats are never dull!  Tune in at 9:30 a.m. every weekday as we take a biblical topic or scripture and discuss it.  

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Father/Daughter team discussing the bible


Here are some of our personal favorite coffee chats!

Lead us not into temptation

Why are we told in the Lord's prayer to pray that we enter not into temptation?

What was in Jesus' Cup?

This was an emotional chat as we discussed what was truly in the cup that Jesus asked his Father about.  Lifechanging. 

Standing in the gap

What does it mean to stand in the gap?  We learned a lot while loved ones (and ourselves) battled Covid-19, this is a video recorded shortly after Mrs. Pastor (Bonnie) came home from a lengthy hospital stay.  There's a whole new level of understanding to "stand in the gap" for us.  

Morning chat with Pastor Dana Coverstone

We enjoyed a totally unscripted chat talking about issues we see the church facing today.


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